Friday, April 30, 2010

Tawau Arts Fest will be a tourist attraction

Tawau: The district stands to become a tourist attraction once the Tawau Arts Festival is included in the State tourism calendar.

Sabah Cultural Board General Manager, Datu Rosmdi Datu Sulai, said if Semporna can be known for its Lepa Regatta, Tenom for its Kalimaran and Matunggung for its Gong Festival, then Tawau shall be known for its Arts Festival.

He said this when chairing the second Arts Festival Bimp-Eaga Taskforce Committee meeting held at the Tawau Municipal Council here, Thursday.

Rosmadi said the 23 ethnic backgrounds that exist in the district needed to be staged as an attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists.

"There are many interesting places to visit in Tawau and there is a variety of traditional food and an abundance of seafood...the only thing lacking is activities to promote them," he said.

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