Monday, February 28, 2011

Frisbee meet a boost to Sabah tourism

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah had definitely made an impact on the 80 local and foreign participants of the international second Borneo Headhunters Hat based on the sentiments and feedback received.

Sabah’s annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament was attended by participants from around the world, including England, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA, with many vowing to return to Sabah to see more of its offerings including Mount Kinabalu, the Kinabatangan River and diving in Sipadan.

The one-day tournament was held on Saturday at Sekolah Menengah La Salle, and saw many first-timers to Sabah.

“We planned our holiday to Sabah around it,” said Lucas Tschuor and Prisca Mattanza, a couple from Switzerland who flew to Sabah to attend the tournament before moving on to Singapore.

The couple flew in especially for the tournament for the weekend but vowed to return to Sabah and visit more of the well-known sights and get to know the culture better.

Canadians Patrick and Tara Macmaster also flew in for the weekend, especially for the tournament but Patrick, a teacher based in Kuala Lumpur, could not play due to injury on his knee.

“We were so disappointed but at least we could still come and enjoy the weekend,” he said.

Chris Khoo, an Ultimate player from Melbourne, Australia on his way to study in Germany, decided to stop in Kota Kinabalu to attend the tournament first.

“I’ve visited the tourist attractions before, so this time I’m only here for the Ultimate, but it was well worth the effort,” said Chris who has been here a week.

Bruneian Radzi Adnan is on his second visit to Sabah, this time bringing with him a group of friends, both to participate and to cheer.

“We were so impressed with the tournament and Sabah last year that we decided to come back and bring more friends this year,” he said.

Radzi and his friends came earlier in the week to do their shopping and sightseeing before returning home today.

Some 21 college students from Curtin University in Miri, came to play in the tournament and planned an adventure-packed itinerary, including white-water rafting and climbing up Mount Kinabalu.

This year’s tournament saw an increase in participants from 36 last year to 80 people this year with many more foreign participants.

Ultimate is a fast-paced, action packed game, which combines the best elements from other sports like soccer, netball and American football.

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