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Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Gateway Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

The Central Administration building of the park

Deer in its almost natural environment

Tram bringing tourists aournd the park

Female Orang Utan

The well-known Malayan Tiger

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In a world of shrinking wildlife numbers, the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park should be a magnet for tourists to visit in the Malaysian state of Sabah.

Located 25km from the capital city of Kota Kinabalu, the 280-acre wildlife park is managed by the Sabah Wildlife Department under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Environment, which also includes a botanical garden being maintained by the Forestry Department of Sabah.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park currently has over 100 species of animals that include mammals, birds and reptiles.

These animals are caged in a compound that resembles the natural habitat. For some animals, water is used as a barrier along the fences and walls, which is then covered with vegetation.

The concept of an open environment provides opportunities for photographers.

This allows wildlife professional photographers to shoot pictures of these animals as if the animals are free in the wild.

Apart from tourists, schoolchildren and students from higher institutions are welcome to use the facilities for educational purposes either through observation or briefings from the zoo guides while passing through the wildlife park.

Entrance fee for visitors (above 18) are RM10 per person and (below 18) are RM5 per person for Malaysian citizens. Non-Malaysian tourists (above 18) are charged RM20 and RM10 for those below 18. To watch these animals, one may consider strolling or using a tram with a reasonable price.

Having to ride on a wagon of a locomotive-style tram, it will stop at every single cage or natural cage of the animals - allowing visitors to snap pictures. For those who much prefer to go on feet, the park has provided a concrete trails to lead your way. A cafeteria debuted as the Lok Kawi Wildlife Café is also available.

Once inside, one would be able to watch some rare animals including endangered animals and habitants in Borneo Island.

It is a brand new experience to see these animals live and not as per watching them in television or book.

Undoubtedly, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park brings human closer to nature and that; visitors are able to appreciate more on nature and wildlife.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin Sunday

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