Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kasih Sayang Boutique Health Resort and Spa - A relaxing refuge in Inanam

By Nazri Noor

The rigours of city life can get quite taxing, even in a city as laid back as Kota Kinabalu, and sometimes it’s nice to be able to escape to a haven far from the drudgery of an urban landscape. For some, a day at the islands is enough to serve a dose of rejuvenation, while others find refuge in trekking through the rainforest. Some might prefer to take a breather on a higher plane, specifically, 2,400 feet above sea level.

Enter the Kasih Sayang Boutique Health Resort and Spa. Perched comfortably in its lofty hilltop home, this diminutive refuge offers a delightful alternative destination for those looking for a change of scenery that, surprisingly, isn’t located that far out of town. A casual 30-minute drive from Kota Kinabalu and through Inanam is enough to take you to a peaceful sanctuary that provides some truly breathtakingly beautiful sights.

Kasih Sayang’s location affords luxurious sights for miles around, from a wide view of Kota Kinabalu and its nearby islands to a vista of the Crocker Range and Mount Kinabalu itself. The resort also stands on its own as a remarkably attractive picture, a collection of homey wooden structures that is both filled with and surrounded by vibrant flowers and lush greenery. All the vegetation also manages to attract a number of curious creatures, including several varieties of butterflies.

Cloud 9, the resort’s restaurant, serves as a primary viewing platform, a perfect place to enjoy the cool weather and marvellous scenery. We’re told that it isn’t uncommon for visitors to pop in for lunch or tea and find themselves staying all throughout the evening, mesmerised by the proximity to nature or perhaps lulled into total relaxation by the resort’s charming atmosphere. Located just above the restaurant is a function room that seats up to 50, making Kasih Sayang quite the exotic option for both corporate and social gatherings.

The selection at Cloud 9 features a mix of local and western dishes, with oxtail assam pedas, fish curry, chicken boxing and buffalo wings served with blue cheese sauce counting as some of the restaurant’s best-sellers. The menu also includes a number of special items designed specifically with nutrition and health in mind. Marked with an image of a little heart, these healthier options are meant to aid in detoxification and nourishment.

Cloud 9 is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am to 10pm.

12 standard and four deluxe rooms are available for guests who decide to extend their stay at the resort, and the Manja-Manja Spa provides even more ways to completely ease away your stress and tension. Kasih Sayang’s standard rooms are currently on promotion and are available for RM99+ on weekdays (inclusive of breakfast for two).

To get to Kasih Sayang, take Jalan Kiansom from Inanam Town in the direction of the Kiansom Waterfalls and follow a number of signs that will show the way to Kasih Sayang. The resort is only 5.2 kilometres from the Kiansom Waterfalls.

Source: New Sabah Times 'In' Sites

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