Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sarawak State-level Gawai at Annah Rais Sept 3

KUCHING: State level ‘Gawai Celebration’ organised by Tourism Malaysia (Sarawak) and Ministry of Tourism and Heritage will be held at Kampung Annah Rais in Padawan on Sept 3.

The organising chairman Edward Kurik said the celebration was the second time ever aimed at promoting tradition and culture of the Bidayuhs in Padawan.

He said the festival more popularly known as ‘Gawai Tourism’ will also provide opportunity for tourists to see and understand first-hand the unique culture of the Bidayuhs and their traditional dances and games.

There are a lot of things that tourists can learn from this experience, he said yesterday.

Agencies involved in the event are Padawan Municipal Council and Village Security and Development Committee of Kampung Annah Rais.

He explained that there would also be a cultural exchange programme involving residents of Kampung Annah Rais when they received the visitors from Kampung Semban, during the celebration.

Those from Semban, a traditional village, will also display their own brand of unique culture which may be a bit different from those of Annah Rais, he said.

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