Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrilling Padawan Raft Safari 2011 calling for entries

KUCHING: The annual Padawan Raft Safari 2011, which be held on Oct 30, will see the debut of Expert Rafting and Kayaking categories to woo more local and foreign participation.

Covering a total distance of 41km, from the riverbank of Kampung Annah Rais to the finishing point at Kampung Git, it would take mental toughness and physical endurance to win the ‘Raja Sungai Semadang’ title.

Organising chairperson Isabell Julau Mejat said nature lovers should not miss this safari if they yearned adventure.

“The added 15 km, combined with the famous Keyu and Giam rapids, will be a good test of one’s physical endurance.”

In a press conference held here yesterday, Isabell enthused that other challenging categories include the ‘26 km Rafting Men’s Open’, ‘15 km Rafting Women’s Open’, `Rafting Government Departments’ and ‘Rafting Hotel and Tour Agencies’.

She added that the organisers hoped to attract 500 participants, to better the 436 recorded last year. There were two foreign teams in 2010.

Cash prizes totalling RM21,800 await winners in all four rafting categories, while a total of RM2,700 would be offered to winners in the Kayaking category.

“Registration fee in the expert rafting category has been set at RM200 per team, while fees in other categories are RM140 per team. These fees are inclusive of personal accident insurance and raft disposal.

“As for the kayaking competition, the fee is RM60 per team, including insurance coverage.”

She pointed out that each team was required to register an extra member to act as reserve. Substitution can be made anytime at any part of the race.

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