Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Borneo Story: Borneo from the Beginning

The Borneo Story is a much applauded but hard-to-find nine-part TV series documentary on Borneo first broadcast on the BBC in 1957. The documentary was produced by British film-makers and anthropologists, Tom Harrisson (1911–1976) and Hugh Gibb (1915-1990).

The documentary was filmed in a variety of locations throughout Borneo (mostly in Sarawak). Thanks to The Doozer, who had converted VHS tapes of the Borneo Story into digital format, we can now watch interesting footages of the days gone by on various tribal groups such as the Dayaks, and their ways of life as well as the rainforest, caves, rivers and swamps.

The first in the series (view below) is called 'Borneo from the Beginning' which is about the excavation of Niah caves where archaeologists dig for signs of prehistoric man in the caves.

The Borneo Story: 'Borneo from the Beginning' from The Doozer on Vimeo.


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