Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Divers find wreck of Dutch WWII sub off Borneo

THE HAGUE: Sport divers off the northern coast of Borneo have discovered the wreck of a Dutch World War II submarine, missing for the past 70 years, the Dutch defence ministry said Monday.

“The HR. MS. KXVI, which has been missing with a crew of 36 since 1941, has been found,” it said in a statement released in The Hague.

“It was discovered by Australian and Singaporean sport divers in the waters ‘above’ the island of Borneo after a tip-off from a local fisherman,” the ministry added.

It did not state the exact location of the wreck out of respect for the dead crew and their descendants.

The 1,000-tonne KXVI was part of the Allied fleet tasked with stopping the Japanese invasion of the then Dutch East Indies.

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