Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sarawak Bird Race: Bird and nature lovers set for an enjoyable weekend

KUCHING: It is going to be a big weekend for birds when the 4th Sarawak Bird Race kicks-off this Saturday at the Permai Rainforest Resort, and then ‘migrates’ to the Borneo Highlands Resort the next day.

It also promises to be a big weekend for bird and nature lovers, with side activities being planned for everyone, including adults and children and curious members of the public who wish to know more on birds and biodiversity.

There will also be nature talks by local and international bird experts at Permai Rainforest Resort on Oct 29, to start at 9.30am.

Nils Müller, a biology graduate from Lund University, Germany, who specialises in bird migration and genetics, will share his knowledge and experience about bird migration: why, when and how far they migrate, and how they orientate themselves along their migration route.

As a young lad, he was enthralled by the eerie but fascinating raptors while travelling through the Pyrenees, and his love for ornithology was sealed forever.

Muller believes that bird races are a great way to draw attention to the diversity of birds that surrounds us.

“Birds have the largest range of species on earth and many of them are found in our own backyard! I like to think that learning about birds means learning to appreciate nature and its value to the society,” he said.

He believes that having a majestic bird like the hornbill on the Sarawak Flag showed the inspirational power birds could give.

“With their capability to fly and cover great distances, birds can serve as a great indicator of the state of nature for example, the effects of global warming and human impacts to the fragile environment.

“As we struggle to save endangered birds, we may find that they could possibly provide solutions to save humankind from ourselves,” he said in a press release.

The Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch’s Bird Group is jointly holding the 4th Sarawak Bird Race with Borneo Highlands Resort and Rainforest Permai Resort.

The race aims to promote bird conservation, the importance of birds in the ecosystems and bird-watching activity among members and the general public. It also aims to promote the Bako-Buntal Bay and Penrissen Range, and Sarawak in general, as ideal places for bird-watching.

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