Thursday, August 02, 2012

Flowers enhance Kuching city’s beauty

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) is spending RM3.6 million per year to ensure the city stays beautiful in terms of landscaping.

James Chan, mayor of Kuching City South revealed this recently.

“Planting trees and plants is not easy but flowers can make your day. I wish we had four seasons. To ensure we have breathtaking landscape, we will continuously make a difference to the surroundings to make Kuching worthy to be called a garden city,” he enthused.

The government has a vision for a green belt in the city but Chan believes people appreciate colours more than green foliage. With that in mind he encouraged his staff to plant both flowering plants and trees.

As a garden city, Kuching’s landscape should be vibrant and Chan made the Canna Lily Kuching City South’s official flower for planting beside major roads.

The mayor describes the exotic plant indigenous to South America as having eye-catching flowers and large green foliage.

“These tropical plants are suited to our weather and when they bloom, the vibrant colour strikes the eyes. The flowers are popular with visitors especially tourists.”

Chan also likes the Bourgainvilla which tends to bloom during dry weather, producing a profusion of colours.

He and the council secretary give ideas to their horticulturist on what trees and plants would colour-coordinate the landscape.

“The type of plants they sow depends on the area and location in the city so it will match with its ambience,” Chan revealed.

His other favourite flowering plants for the city’s landscape are the kopsia, hibiscus and spider lily.

They have planted 24 species of shrubs, eight species of ground cover, 13 palm trees and 45 types of trees.

It is a credit to the green thumbs of MBKS that their flowering plants are highly sought by botanical pilferers.

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