Friday, January 25, 2013

Pekan Nabalu (Nabalu Town), Sabah

Climb Mount Kinabalu? Oh no...not me! I just want to get a good view of the majestic mountain, so we made a stop at Pekan Nabalu.

It was as beautiful as when I first saw it years ago. Can one envy a mountain? I do. No one ever labels a mountain ugly and if it is ever called big, it is at most taken as a compliment.

Pekan Nabalu has flourished as a tourist stop - for souvenirs, to grab a bite, for a toilet break and the scenic view is a great spot for some touristy photo-taking activity.

The souvenirs are a treat, really cheap and abundant in choices. I love how beautiful the handmade crafts are especially the string hammocks. It has been my dream to own one ever since I was a child and these were so prettily coloured. I walked off with one in arm...oh dear, how will this fit into my small apartment I wonder...

Adding to my list of purchases was a sarong sized native design cloth for just RM10 and a bag of wood carved key chains.

I would have loved to complete my souvenir shopping here but experience has taught me not to put all my eggs into one basket. ..and this turned out to be a wise decision. 

The toilets are ok-lah. You'll just have to close one eye. We arrived in the afternoon way after the tourist buses have left. They begin their adventure in the wee hours of the morning. We prefer the laid back experience. It made our traveling peaceful. I am glad we escaped the toilet queue and did not have to rush to pose for photos on 'high demand' spots.

A viewing platform at the back has fallen into disrepair and the area has been cordoned off by a warning ribbon. No matter, we still got a good view of the mountain from the grassy edge of the hill we were standing on.

There's a lovely "Angel's Trumpet" tree growing here too, some metres away from the decrepit platform. No doubt a crowd puller for photo-taking enthusiasts, one being me.!

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