Monday, January 07, 2013

Sarawak beckons nature lovers

SARAWAK is located in East Malaysia, north of Kalimantan Indonesia. The paradise of Borneo, Sarawak is also popularly known as the land of the hornbills. If you are a nature and adventure lover, this is the place to be as Sarawak is situated on the vast forested continent of Borneo, and is a forest reserve.

There are 10 nature parks scattered all over. To visit them, you have to hire an experienced guide and obtain a permit to explore the wonders of the natural rainforest. Sarawak is the place to experience a natural rainforest unchanged by the passage of time.

Travel by river to discover the forest’s wondrous diversity of life and see the complex interactions of Sarawak’s rainforest, alive with dazzling birds, spectacular and rare plants and intriguing animals. Under the canopy of immense trees you can see the many colourful and unique wildlife that lurks in the jungle.

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia, occupying the southern western ridge of Borneo. There is something utterly fascinating and mystical about Sarawak. Its verdant jungles are strewn with massive natural formations, the world’s largest cave chambers as well as an endemic of flora and fauna – Sarawak’s greatest assets (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Where to go?

Niah Cave (Miri)

The Niah Great Cave and Niah Painted Cave are part of the Niah National Park’s main attraction. These two caves have been declared as National Historical Monuments.

The Great Cave was inhabited by prehistoric men nearly 40,000 years ago and among the relics unearthed includes Neolithic paintings and Palaeolithic artefacts. Another attraction is the Painted Cave where depictions of human-like figures were found near an ancient burial site.

When you are there, be sure to explore the forest trails, visit the Iban longhouse nearby, go on a boat ride and explore the caves to see the excavation sites.

Mulu National Park (Mount Mulu)

Mount Mulu has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 and it is one of the most outstanding attractions in Sarawak. Mount Mulu National Park is a treasure trove of vertical cliffs, jagged limestone pinnacles and intricate cave networks. The area itself is a paradise for researchers with some 20,000 animals and 3,500 plant species.

Mulu is home to some of the most astounding natural attraction such as the Deer Cave, the largest cave passage in the world; Clearwater Cave, Asia’s longest cave and the Sarawak Chamber, the world’s largest cave chamber. It can accommodate 40 Boeing 747 aircrafts!

Visit the four show caves: Deer, Lang, Clearwater and Wind, and watch millions of bats at the Bat Observatory. Then make your way to the Pinnacles, trek along the Headhunters Trail to Limbang and hike up the 480m Mulu Canopy Skywalk. Also explore the Medicine Plants Trail – all these visits are worth every minute!

Sarawak Cultural Village (Kuching)

“Explore Sarawak in Half a Day” is the claim made by the Sarawak Cultural Village, a unique awarded-winning living museum offering an excellent introduction to local cultures and lifestyles.

Dubbed as a “living museum”, the village showcases the lifestyles and traditional dwellings of the major ethnic groups in Sarawak. Among the items on display are cooking utensils, traditional tools, musical instruments and many more.

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