Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Untamed Borneo part 1

So many great memories from my recent trip leading our 25th Anniversary Wildland Adventures group to the jungles of Borneo. Honestly it couldn't have gone any better. Weather, accommodations and most importantly wildlife sightings were abundant. Luck was definitely on our side.

I’d traveled throughout the region in 2009 scouting the area and came up with an itinerary that I though encapsulated the best of the best in Borneo with respect to the wildlife.

Sure, there’s always more you can do if you have the time however I wanted to deliver the ultimate trip to our travelers…. so leading this trip provided me with the unique opportunity to get direct feedback and asses the “flow” of the itinerary.

I secured the superior guide and jokester Eddie CafĂ© to join us for the majority of the trip and everything pretty much worked out like planned which is one thing you can’t really count on in the Adventure travel industry. Of course we nearly got trampled by Elephants, had to find a dentist in Lahad Datu, and had a few rainy days. But that’s adventurous travel and wound up making for a truly stellar trip.

There were 9 of us total, 4 couples (2 from Seattle, 1 from Denver, 1 from Santa Fe) and myself. This is start of my Borneo trip blog, the aim being to highlight various pieces and stories of our trip which will in turn illuminate the different experiences one can hope to attain on a trip to Borneo. This first one is just more of a funny story. Enjoy J

“There are no snakes in the Jacuzzi Pool”

That was exactly my response when asked about the potential for snakes to be in the pool surrounding a waterfall where we indented to take a swim later that day in Danum Valley’s Conservation Area.

Now there are leaches on the trails leading to the pool (really not that big of deal once you get over the fact that you’re likely to get bit and it doesn't really hurt) and little fish that like to nibble at your feet (seriously) inside the pool.

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