Sunday, September 14, 2014

AirAsia: Creating unity through passion

KUCHING: Family – that’s what Yvonne Lady Diana John Brian Anthony calls her more than 16,500 colleagues at AirAsia — also known as AirAsia Allstars.

This 32-year-old Iban woman from Bintulu forms part of AirAsia’s Corporate Culture team, where she helps knit AirAsia’s corporate culture among colleagues from 38 nationalities.

She grew up in the state but moved to Kuala Lumpur with her family after completing her secondary school education.

Yvonne said she learned since young that embracing what the diverse races had to offer kept Malaysians united.

When she joined the low-cost carrier in 2008, she was determined to use her position in the Corporate Culture Department to bring people closer together.

Fostering camaraderie among the staff was easy for the extrovert Yvonne as she loves the outdoors, running marathons, ultra trail racing, climbing mountains, mountain racing, diving, and travelling.

She now interacts with nearly 7,000 Malaysian AirAsia Allstars via, among others, station briefings, sports, and staff-engagement events.

“Outdoor activities give participants something that a classroom or people (HR) training can’t give. Participants learn how to trust completely, become aware of the importance of safety, team work, and have greater conscious of others’ needs and conditions,” she said.

In return, she added, unity prevailed.

“We ensure that all events be represented by our other airlines throughout the region, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, and India. Through these activities, they understand AirAsia’s corporate culture, which is ‘All for One, and One for All’.”

Yvonne added that all Allstars were encouraged to give back to the community where they are located.

Among some of the recent projects include the Mount Papandayan ‘Tough Enough to Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness’ hike in Indonesia, where 86 Allstars participated.

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