Monday, September 01, 2014

Birding workshop for Sarawak tourist and park guides at Borneo Highlands Resort

KUCHING: The Ministry of Tourism Sarawak, in collaboration with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Selangor and Kuching Branches, held a Beginners Bird Watching Workshop for licensed tourist guides from Sarawak Tourist Guides Association and Sarawak Forestry Corporation staff and Park Guides.

The three-day workshop (Aug 22 to 24) took place at Borneo Highlands Resort, a popular birding destination in Sarawak that is also an Important Bird Area.

Twenty-five people took part in the workshop which was aimed at preparing tourist guides and SFC’s Park Guides and staff for birding tourism which is gaining popularity in the state.

With on-going workshops being organised, it is hoped that Sarawak will be ready for birding tourism with a pool of newly trained and enthusiastic birding guides.

With the basic birding skills acquired over the weekend, spending time birding and reading birds field guide books, the workshop trainers from  MNS Selangor and Kuching branches assured participants that they should be able to identify birds within a reasonable time.