Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bako National Park to undergo facelift

KUCHING: Bako National Park, or ‘Pearl of the South’ as it is fondly known, is one of the many beautiful attractions in the state, especially for visitors to Kuching.

With healthy forests and animals that visitors, local or foreign, can see up close and the presence of safe trails that beckon invitingly, it is no wonder that Bako National Park has seen an average of 200 to 300 visitors per day, mostly Europeans and Australians.

However, according to the park’s head warden Abang Abdul Mutalib, upgrading work would
be carried out to keep up with the times.

“One of the upgrades that we hope to implement soon is the repairs for the accommodation here, especially for some in quite dilapidated conditions, and the upgrading of the trails in the park to give maximum comfort to visitors here,” he told The Borneo Post recently.

Mutalib added that another plan was to upgrade facilities where each room will have an attached toilet as opposed to the previous concept of one toilet in one accommodation.

“We want to make a more up-to-date design where each room will have a toilet, and change from the 80s, where the trend was to share a toilet.

“This is so we can give the visitors who stay here a sense of comfort,” he quipped.

Meanwhile, he also divulged that some new attractions were underway, as they were planning with the government to introduce a ‘sea cruise’ for visitors.

“This is so visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beaches at Bako National Park, especially for visitors who rarely get to see such beauty as they are often focused on the inland trails, and also so we can raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation in terms of the beachside.