Saturday, October 11, 2014

Asia Music Festival 2014 - "Rock and Roll" All Night Long

This is the second year Asia Music Festival held. Had so much fun this year covering it under media. Drop by last year but just as a spectator. I had only went for a day and couldn't do much comparison on it. Definitely with a different status, there's much "behind the scene" that I get to explore compare to the crowd that is just a spectator. An experienced that you can never buy!

Sarawak Tourism Board had always aware of CSR and Tree Planting is something that will never be sorted out of the list of an event. For every event that they had organised they will do the least to contribute back to the society and definitely to the mother nature. Therefore, the starting of any event will always begin with the Tree Planting ceremony.

Everyone were contributing their little efforts to the mother nature. Us, the Sarawak Bloggers were doing our part too! How can we be missed out for such meaningful ceremony!

Before the real show starts, we have a chance to gets closer with the performers in accordance to know anything about them, of course something related to their music and performance. Either from their background, history, their genre of musics to their line of story who made them who they are today.

You will be surprise to find there's so many talented bands that is yet to be explored across Asia. Bringing them here to the Asia Music Festival sharing their hard work and music across the globe, the least we, Mirian, fellow Malaysian, get to know who they are. I am glad STB had found this hidden gem!


Just the perfect selection to kick start on the first day! They say you have to start your day with a good breakfast in order to be energetic and fresh, DrumCall is definitely the most awesome "breakfast"! The massively loud drum definitely not gona makes you feel uncomfortable. Combination of the drum blending well just like a cup of coffee that are mixed with their best partner, sugar and creamer! That's how smooth their performance were!~


Energetic band from Taiwan, music genre with combination of Piano and disco music and that's also the combination of their name, PISCO! Their hyper performance especially the lead singer and the bassist heat up the crowd. Their music definitely keep your heart beating but their lyrics is totally the opposite of it. Just like how they described, "fierce look but with a soft heart"! That's the proverb which I think is the closest to described them. When both comes together, it work just like ying & yang which is inseparable!


Legendary icon in his home country and also ambassador of Reggae music, none other than Ras Muhamad! Inspired and influenced by Bob Marley since he was a kid had lead him to who he is today. His music were more genuine reggae with Indonesia element specially inserted his own home country culture. Strong and influencing performance. Reggae never failed to make everyone have their body move along with its music!