Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cabbage Festival - It’s raining cabbage in Kundasang

KUNDASANG: Thousands of people from all walks of life thronged the three-day Cabbage Festival to celebrate some of the best and freshest locally-grown produce around.

Due to its cool mountain climate and fertile landscape, the Kundasang highlands is ideal for growing a wide array of temperate vegetables ranging from cabbages, lettuces, spinach, beets, tomatoes and broccoli all year round.

“While it’s a great way to promote local produce, such festival is a great opportunity to promote modern agriculture methods to help farmers grow quality produce more consistently,” said event organising officer, Ramlen Nordin.

Moreover, he added that there is a greater need to help local farmers adopt modern agriculture practices such as fertigation technology which are mainly being operated by companies operating in the area.

Every year, the townsfolk would hold the Cabbage Festival from 17-19 Oct, which provides an opportunity for the local farming community to showcase their wide range of locally-grown cabbage varieties.

“This is a great way to show that local farming communities are just as capable of producing fresh and quality temperate vegetables that meets market standards,” said Farmers Association official, Paimin Wasimin, adding that there were many local and international tourists seen visiting annual cabbage fair.