Thursday, October 09, 2014

Baby Orangutans in Borneo

As part of our upcoming trip, we just got tickets to an “orangutan experience” this weekend at Rasa Ria Resort in Borneo, AND I AM SO EXCITED!

I have this weird thing where I really love observing animals but am seriously terrified of getting up close and personal with them.

I’m not too proud to admit that during first grade I sobbed from fear when someone brought in their bunny rabbit for show-and-tell…. and I remember seven-year-old me frantically bicycling away from a barking chihuahua…

And I am currently, and probably always will be, terrified of anything that slithers (I’m looking at you, Thai lizards).

But put me behind the safety of binoculars or behind a car door, and I am all about animals. I eat that shiz up.

So checking out these semi-wild orangutans from the safety of a viewing platform? Right up my alley.

We tried to go whale watching while we were in Iceland last year, but stupidly, we booked the boat tour for our last day in Reykjavik and the weather ended up being too bad for us to go out on the water safely that day.

So no whales for me :( Even after living in Hawaii for a while, I have still never seen a whale in the wild *sigh* Someday…

This time, we made sure to book the orangutan visit for the first day of our trip. Lesson learned.

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