Monday, February 15, 2016

Offentheworld - Rustic Kuching...

We arrived in Kuching, Sarawak on the Island of Borneo (the malaysia part of the island) yesterday (Saturday).

I have to tell you out of all the places we decided to travel to on this adventure, this one made me the most anxious.

'Oh yeah, let's go to. Borneo,' I suggested 8 months ago.

After researching we narrowed our area to the malaysia side of the island and after looking at the news (there was some tourist kidnapping in the north part of the island a couple of years ago) we decided Kuching was it. 

I googled 'budget accommodations' and the like and kept seeing The singgahsana lodge over and over, great reviews but we knew it would be, um, 'rustic'.

Think camping in the city. Anyway, our flight from singapore to Kuching was great.

Our first experience on Air Asia (it's a discount airline like Southwest Airlines).

It was good, it was only 1 hour in the air so we were all excited about that after the 22 hour flight to singapore.

We had arranged for the 'hostel' to pick us up at the airport.

We stepped out of the baggage claim area and they were there waiting for us.

Super cool guys, the one had 1inch lobe plugs (I think that's what you call them) and covered in tattoos and a beautiful WELCOMING smile.

Yay!! I started to relax alittle bit about Kuching, this is going to be great!!

They dropped us off at the lodge, the hostel is actually run by an 'excursion' company.

It's a great set-up actually. So smart of them. So we pull up and the building looks beat down.

The rest of the buildings in town are like that too though, so here we go 'on with the adventure' -bring it!

We check in and go up to our room. We get up to the second floor and there is sign to take off our shoes. No shoes in the hotel. Love that!

The floors are so clean, everything is really clean, just 'weathered'.

We are in a hostel, but we reserved a private family room with en suite (bathroom in the room).

Typically, you know, a hostel is like a dorm, common area to sleep with bunk beds and shared bathrooms.

Let me just mention, at this time, since we pulled up to the building Phoebe has not said a word and has not cracked a smile once.

Our room as a king bed and a bunk bed. It's small, but Matt and I love it.

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