Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Various tourism sites planned for Kuching Wetlands National Park

KUCHING: Excitement is building up in Kuching Wetlands National Park (KWNP) as the management of the Ramsar site is planning for the setup of several tourism sites under its belt.

According to state Forest Department Ramsar Management Unit executive Irmadiana Ardi, a proper road from Jalan Matang to KWNP will be constructed once the Ramsar Management Office is up and running soon.

“With the office up and running, we can properly manage this area and the number of visitors can be registered as well,” she told reporters during a tour to the KWNP yesterday, where members of the media were briefed on several tourism attractions which had been identified by the unit as having the potential to draw visitors.

They were also brought to Kampung Sungai Aur, where they visited the residence of 48-year-old Wina Karim, who is among the local producers of the ‘Kuih Sepit’ — a local traditional sweet, crunchy snack.

KWNP covers an area of 6,620 hectares, encompassing Sibu Laut and Kampung Salak. It was designated as a Ramsar site in 2005. Eighty per cent of it comprises mangroves, peat swamps and ‘kerangas’ (heath) forest.

In definition, any Ramsar site is a conservation area protected under the Ramsar Convention, which formally stands for ‘Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat’.

Irmadiana highlighted several cottage industries being run in and near Kampung Salak, such as cockle farming and Proboscis monkey tour, where visitors could watch this monkey species up close.