Monday, February 29, 2016

Miri reverberates with country music courtesy of Miri Country Music Festival

MIRI: Country music reverberated in Miri City on Saturday night during the 3rd edition of the Miri Country Music Festival (MCMF) attracting the biggest number of people since the festival was first introduced in 2014.

Advisor of MCMF Gracie Geikie said 2,740 country music lovers including from overseas came for the festival – the only one in Malaysia and Asia.

“Although we fell short of our target of 3,000 visitors, the number was more than last year and was truly was a success, attracting many people including those of Oman, Australia, Brunei, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia as well as local Sarawakians.

“We estimated that this festival generated some RM2.1 million to the local economy especially to those in the tourism related industry, hotels, food and services as well as handicraft,” said Gracie when met by the Borneo Post.

She added feedbacks from the performers too were very encouraging and some of them stayed or came earlier like the Ruby Boots visiting the world heritage site, the Mulu National Park while others toured the city.

Gracie said to meet popular demand, next year the festival would not only be a two-night affair but would have 14 country bands performing.

“Of course, the most popular band will be back and there will be many other side events where members of the public can participate,” she said.