Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pure Glutton - Dining at Gaya Island Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Gaya Island Resort boasts of several dining options on its premise.  Believe me, guests are quite spoilt for choices when it comes to food at the resort.

Besides the regular offerings at the outlets, guests can also request for private dining should there be any celebration to be held or simply because they want a special dining experience. 

How about a Sunrise Breakfast, an Aqua Dinner, a Sinagang Steamboat or a personalised gourmet picnic? 

All these can be arranged with a day advance notice to the resort.

We had a special unique dining experience at Gaya Island Resort, too … more about that later.


Our first meal at the resort was at the Feast Village, YTL’s signature all-day dining outlet. 

Feast Village in all the YTL Properties is well-known for its sumptuous array of food, whether it’s on the buffet or on a la carte orders.

Upon arrival at the resort, we went straight for lunch at Feast Village, hosted by James Sutcliffe, the Resort Manager. 

The chef cooked up a storm of local dishes for us, using the freshest seafood. 

In between laughter and friendly conversations, we dined on a huge seabass with sambal, black pepper beef, sweet and sour chicken, butter prawns and crunchy saute’ed four-angle beans.

It was an immensely satisfying lunch indeed and definitely coma-inducing when we hit the bed in our villa after that.

The breakfast buffet spread at the Feast Village is something not to be missed. 

Being sea-fronting, the view from the restaurant adds on to the total enjoyment of the meal, of course. 

There are the usual counters offering salads, breads, cereals, hot dishes (Japanese/Asian/Western), rice congee as well as egg stations but my favourites are the fresh fruit juices and noodles counters. 

Get the chefs to fry you a plate of noodles on-the-spot…  they do a darn good job at that! Oh, and also their Pisang Goreng (fried bananas) and Cucur (fried fritters) were amazing!