Friday, March 03, 2017

Beki_Tee: Kinabatangan river safari

We stayed at a lovely resort on the Kinabatangan river.

A place much more eco than Danz 'eco resort' in Taman Negara (which wasn't the remotest bit eco at all). This place was built out of wood up off the forest floor.

We saw so many monkeys on our first river safari that I came to distinguish them as either big nosed, hairy faced or scaredy faced.

The big nose variety are the proboscis monkeys.

Endemic to Borneo they're very cute and interesting to look at.

The males have big pot bellies and big long noses.

Apparently, the bigger the nose the more attractive the monkey.

The hairy faced monkeys are the long tailed macaques.

They are a dark grey colour but their babies are a bright orange.

The first evening, we set out for our night walk in the jungle but I very quickly became unnerved.

The terrain was the muddiest I've walked in since my accident, and after 20 minutes or so full panic set in and we had to turn back.

My physical recovery has all but taken place, but this highlighted my psychological recovery to still be in progress.

Next day, on our 6am misty morning river safari Mike and some of the others saw an orangutan, but I couldn't place it in my binoculars in time.

Back at the lodge that morning we saw all sorts of monkey business (including them stealing socks and making off with packets of coffee creamer stuffed in their mouths)!

Having enquired about the terrain and told it was even more muddy and challenging than the night walk, I sat out of the daytime jungle trek, stealing a nap and catching up on my blog. 

While he was out Mike dropped his camera . . . Bang, bang splosh; bouncing on the side of the boat before it made its merry way into oxbow lake.

It's been retrieved, SD card removed, and it's now sitting in a bag of rice. Let's hope some of it can be salvaged. The photographs if nothing else.

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