Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dinks in Transit: Borneo and its epic creatures and jungles

After leaving Mabul, I made my way to Kota Kinabalu (KK) – the capital of Malaysian Borneo.

This meant a midnight flight in a small plane through a storm. I once said I enjoyed turbulence.

I may need to retract that comment – Malaysia Airlines needs to steam clean seat 2A now.

I also nearly had a vicious attack by a monkey. An animal sanctuary may need to do a bit of a clean up too.

What didn’t help the situation was I had just bought a new book which starts off with a scene of a devastating plane crash in the forest.

My brain quickly made the connection with Borneo and that was it – 45 minutes of clutching onto my seat, hoping for the best.

The pilot was a little cowboyish too which didn’t help either. Maybe this is why my flight only cost R240?

Nonetheless, I made it to Kota Kinabalu (KK), the capital of Malaysian Borneo, in one piece.

The first thing I noticed about this city is that it is much bigger than I anticipated.

I was expecting some sort of backwater city, but what I got was this large metropolitan, complete with massive shopping malls and great infrastructure.

Hell, the Queen Mary 2 was even docked nearby!

There isn’t much to do in the city, however. It’s a popular base from which to explore the nearby jungle and Mount Kinabalu.

My first adventure was a trip out of the city to try and spot the rare Proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat.

This trip made me realise that although KK is pretty big, Malaysian Borneo quickly turns to jungle and small villages as soon as you leave the city.