Saturday, October 30, 2004

Diving HotSpots in Sabah Borneo

For scuba diving enthusiasts, the third quarter of the year is probably one of the best time to experience Borneo diving. Borneo or more particularly Sabah, is one of the best bio-diversity hotspot in the world. With its sandy beaches, tropical islands, blue waters, coral reefs and atolls, Sabah has several dive sites rated to be amongst the top ten in the world and many more yet to be truly explored. Over the years, prominent marine biologists have visited and dived Sabah's waters including oceans' gretest ambassador, Jacques Costeau, who rated Sipadan Island as the Eight Wonder of the World.

Divers many find many rare and endangered sea creatures such as green and hawksbill turtles, napoleon wrasse, giant clams, as well as countless species of sharks and schools of thousands of barracuda and jacks.

Sabah is not only well known for its reef's larger inhabitants but also as a "Muck Diving" paradise with such rarities as the mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, mandrinfish, harlequin ghost pipefish plus many types of weird and wonderful frogfish and nudibranchs.

These underwater delights are not resricted to the certified divers only but snorkelers and hopeful divers may enroll in one of the many PADI affiliated dive courses and crash courses run at any of Sabah's dive resorts.

Whatever your underwater wish, Sabah's seas and coral reefs can easily fulfill and surpass your wildest dream.

More ifo on Diving at Sabah Malaysian Borneo, refer URL below:

The Good Holiday Guides Are Those Who've Lived The Experience.
The Best Holiday Guides Are Those Who Are Living The Experience.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Adventure Tour vs. Independent Travel

The following was an advice given by us to one of our site's visitors recently:

Depending on the places you want to go, getting an Adventure Tour package may be more feasible than doing it yourself. Some places like Mt. Kinabalu, Danum Valley or Mulu, you need to get permits and you need to have a jungle/mountain guide. It is less troublesome to use a tour company to arrange all these and include accommodation, transport, entrance fee, everything.

And for the cost, two of my friends from UK did their own independent tour to hike Mt. Kinabalu and Mulu pinnacles last year and the cost came up to be more than what a standard tour company offer. But it can be a lot of work and time to get all the right things done or booked especially if you are not familiar with the relevant offices. They had enough time and was happy with doing everything themselves as they were staying with us and they can get advise from us too.

But bear in mind that Mt. Kinabalu and Mulu need several months the least to be booked in advance. If you are only spending a short time here with no contacts or minimal knowledge of the places, you could be disappointed. You can end up simply visiting Kinabalu and Mulu Park instead of doing the summit climb or hike the Headhunters Trail.

My 2 cent piece of advise - for adventure tour, get some travel company to arrange for you, even if it means paying a bit more, but it will save you lots of time for leisure. If standard tours, it could be much cheaper if doing it independently as you will definitely be paying walk-in rates.

The Good Holiday Guides Are Those Who've Lived The Experience.
The Best Holiday Guides Are Those Who Are Living The Experience.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

New Special Pre-Designed Tour Deals!

To coincide with the just launched's BLOG, we are offering several ONE-OFF pre-designed travel package deals just for the first people who arrived at this site.

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KK-Bangkok Direct Flight

The recently introduced AirAsia's Kota Kinabalu-Bangkok daily direct flight is really getting good response. Those residing in Kota Kinabalu would have seen the advertisement at a local newspaper promoting the KK-Bangkok flight via a cut-off coupon at only RM49 one-way (that's only about USD13). A lot of KKians have already made a booking for a holday at Bangkok during the year-end school holidays. Check out Air Asia at

Those who are still looking for a good accommodation in Bangkok, please check out Precision Reservations which offer one of the cheapest hotel rates on the Net. Based on several clients' experience, they estimated that booking online via Precision was about 50% less than if they book direct with the hotels. Compare the room rate on your own:

For those on holidays in South East Asia, you can now have the convenience to travel direct from Bangkok to Kota Kinabalu where all the best adventure, eco, wildife and diving destinations are all within Sabah. You can save time and airfare cost now instead of the need to fly to Kuala Lumpur first before redirected to KK.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Travel Borneo Blog

Welcome to the Travel Borneo Blog contributed by the team from, one of the firsts (if not the first) Borneo InfoTravel Gateway and Trip Advisor site around. This blog will attempt to keep you abreast with the latest Borneo Travel News, Tips and Alerts, as well as latest updates on our website.

Please consider it your personal source of information to an adventure vacation, eco tour, wildlife tour, scuba diving vacation or leisure trip to Borneo (i.e., Sabah, Sarawak or Brunei Darussalam).

We hope that this Blog can give you a better perspective of Borneo as well as its current development, whether pertaining to travel or not. Although we are based in Sabah Malaysia, we are regularly in touch with our travel partners in Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam (with the exception of Kalimantan at this point of writing).

Sincerely hope that this will be the start of many informative and productive posting for your reading and research purposes.

The e-Team