Thursday, October 28, 2004

KK-Bangkok Direct Flight

The recently introduced AirAsia's Kota Kinabalu-Bangkok daily direct flight is really getting good response. Those residing in Kota Kinabalu would have seen the advertisement at a local newspaper promoting the KK-Bangkok flight via a cut-off coupon at only RM49 one-way (that's only about USD13). A lot of KKians have already made a booking for a holday at Bangkok during the year-end school holidays. Check out Air Asia at

Those who are still looking for a good accommodation in Bangkok, please check out Precision Reservations which offer one of the cheapest hotel rates on the Net. Based on several clients' experience, they estimated that booking online via Precision was about 50% less than if they book direct with the hotels. Compare the room rate on your own:

For those on holidays in South East Asia, you can now have the convenience to travel direct from Bangkok to Kota Kinabalu where all the best adventure, eco, wildife and diving destinations are all within Sabah. You can save time and airfare cost now instead of the need to fly to Kuala Lumpur first before redirected to KK.

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