Friday, July 27, 2007

Diving Sites in Sabah

Divers will testify that Sabah’s diving sites are exciting, fascinating and not readily forgotten.

This is especially true for those who managed to take in the marvels of coral gardens, fishes, caverns, turtles and a dugong or two.

A diving spot in Sabah well known in the international diving community is the Sipadan Island. It boast diverse marine life and those who have dived there will sing the praises of colourful fishes, corals reefs and other sights that only the marine world can give.

North of this island is another diving site that offers a different world of diving opportunities from most other diving locations.

Here is a macro diving paradise where you will be able to find rare macro-world inhabitants hard to find at other dive sites. It is known as one of the best muck diving site among the international diving community.

Muck diving is a term used to described diving with restricted visibility especially in shallow sites with sandy bottoms.

The site in question is Kapalai, a water village style resort perched atop a splendid reef that borders the rich and deep Celebes Sea.

Although not far from Sipadan, Kapalai scuba diving itself is completely different.

Kapalai is considered a macrolovers paradise. This does not necessarily mean poor visibility but due to the various interesting inhabitants such as frogfish, blueringed octopus and cuttlefish.

Most dives here are nice and gentle in warm, relatively shallow water, so are perfect for the less experienced, as well as yielding sufficient rewards for experienced divers.

Diving in Kapalai is nice as the gentle sea breezes cool the divers as they come up from the waters.

The chalets there also give them a sense of freedom and comfort while according them the proximity to amazing diving.

Courtesy of: New Sabah Times 'In' Sites - Sabah Travel and Leisure Guide

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