Friday, September 01, 2017

This is Toby: Solo around Borneo and Brunei

When the heat of summer rolls into Daegu I pretty quickly start counting the days for an escape to different climates.

This year was down to Borneo and Brunei, to explore the mountains and jungles on the island.

I had the luxury of direct flights from Busan, albeit on a very non-luxury plane, and 2.5 weeks to explore.

I was heading down to Borneo in peak season.

Places in SE Asia that aren’t experiencing heavy monsoon weather in August are few and far between and coupled with school vacations meant that it was going to be busy.

This did mean I had to pre-book most of what I wanted to do and then stick to an itinerary rather than just be able to wander, but with a tight timescale I was okay with that.

It did mean that I could maximise my time doing activities than have to be thinking about where I was going to stay the next day.

I’d booked trips to go hiking up  Mt. Kinabula, Malaysia’s highest mountain, trips into two different rainforests – Danum Valley rainforest and Mulu National Park, and then also spend a couple of nights checking out the oil rich country of Brunei.

Coupled with a couple of nights in various cities and travel time that was my full vacation eaten up.

Funny how you can sum up in an entire trip in a sentence or two, but a lot happened in those two sentences.

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