Sunday, October 29, 2017

Monkey's Tale: Borneo, Part 2


We’ve been looking forward to this part of our trip and we weren’t let down.

We spent one day at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.

They take in injured, orphaned and abandoned pet orangutans and rehab them so they can one day return to the wild.

It’s set in the jungle with a few long walk ways leading to a feeding area and to a nursery, both with viewing platforms.

Not long after we entered the sanctuary, the trees started to shake and about 10 m from us was our first orangutan, swinging along the vines. It was thrilling!

Then at the feeding area, we saw some moms with babies.

They arrived swinging from branch to branch and along vines with their babies clutching to them.

Development timelines are similar to humans so the 2 year old could barely walk or climb and the 4 year old was more daring with his climbing, but still never far from mom.

Walking around the site we saw a few more juvenile males trying to exert their status, but we didn’t see any mature males as they stay far away, deep in the jungle.

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