Friday, August 12, 2005

Sabah's situation moderate

By Larry Ralon

Sabah is also experiencing the haze, though to a lesser extent, with the Kota Kinabalu city recording a continued drop in visibility Thursday.

The State Meteorological Services Department said the visibility range here had dropped to 5,000 metres as at 4pm compared to 9,000 metres at 9am.

The Air Pollutant Index (API) reading provided by the Department of Environment (DOE) for the city showed it was at 52, or slightly moderate. as at 5pm. This is an increase from 51 recorded at 11am.

Tawau registered a visibility range between 7,000-8000 metres and Labuan around 7,000 metres. The visibility in Sandakan has already improved. As for API, the reading for Tawau was recorded at 56 (5pm), while in Sandakan it remained at 44. The API reading for Keningau saw a rise from 56 (11am) to 58 (5pm).

The level of air pollutant in a certain area is considered as still good if its API reading showed 0-50; moderate (51-100); unhealthy (101-200); very unhealthy (201-300); and hazardous (above 301).

The hazy condition experienced in the State was brought about by winds blowing past the Kalimantan region, where hotspots were detected apart from Sumatra, whose fires have been affecting the Peninsula.

Courtesy of Daily Express

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