Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stage two of Sandakan Memorial Windows launched

SANDAKAN: Australian author Lynette Silver launched Memorial Windows over the north and south doors of St Michael's Church.

Lynette, who was instrumental in helping to raise money from Australians for the "Remembrance Windows" that were installed at the church's that were installed at the church's main windows in April this year, said stage two would be named "Friendship and Love of Fellow Man Windows".

"Stage two will involve the installation of stained glass windows of the same quality as stage one, at the windows over the north and south doors of the church," she said after the Sandakan Day Memorial yesterday.

"St Michael's Church is the only building left anywhere that links our Prisoners Of War (POWs) where we can go to today.

"So many of our POWs spent the day at the church before marching to the POW camp here (Sandakan Memorial Park) and to their ultimate deaths during the Second World War," she said.

"Because of the events which took place here in 1942 and 1945, Australia and the Britain shared a special bond with the people of Sabah. Our prisoners and the local people in uniting against the common foe, left us a very wonderful legacy," Lynette said.

"It is a legacy that cannot be bought or sold. So valuable that it is beyond price.

"It is a legacy of goodwill and friendship between nations forged by our POWs and the oppressed people of Sabah in a time of very great adversity.

"To celebrate and strengthen this precious inheritance entrusted by our POWs and the local people of Sabah, will be the focus of stage two of the Sandakan Memorial Windows.

"While we expect the bulk of the donations to come from Australians, once you have seen the Remembrance Windows, some of you might like to help us reinforce the friendship forged 60 years ago by becoming part of this.

"If you would like to preserve this precious legacy left to us by the people of Sabah and our POWs.

"If you would like to transform the tragedy and grief of Sandakan into something beautiful and uplifting, a testimony to the triumph for good over evil and a source of all for generations to come, please contact Reverend Moses Chin of St Michael's Church if you are locals or come and see me if you are Australians or British.

"Australia, Britain and Sabah, this will be our legacy for the future and we can do this together," Lynette said.

Courtesy of the Borneo Post

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