Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jerudong Park joy-rides hit vanishing trail

By Za'im Zaini

The popular joy rides at the much loved Jerudong Park Playground appear to have gone for a ride while the crowds continue to thin out almost overnight.

Gone are the thunderous "Pusing Lagi" and the exhilarating simulators. With the school term holidays just round the corner Jerudong Park Playground seems to be out of the list for many parents who may have had plans for their children.

More queries than answers have emerged in recent months over the fate of Jerudong Park Playground . Visitors to these once lively grounds are worried that its appeal now might be gone forever.

In December last year the Management of Jerudong Park and Country Club (JPCC) spoke of immediate plans regarding the Jerudong Park Playground and also its "long term strategy".

They reportedly mentioned that the long-term strategy includes keeping the playground as one of the landmark attractions in the country.

The rides are slowly being dismantled leaving some empty spaces. It is learnt that these rides have been in the park since it was opened in 1994. Twelve years on, the park has lost its appeal and the inherent fun-factor.

Earlier in February, one of the rides "Pusing Lagi" was dismantled and shipped off to Thailand.

The JPCC Management in December did announce the immediate plans to dispose off some of these rides and were working on plans to bring in newer attractions.

The JPCC management when contacted this week declined to comment on the matter.

Sharifah Hani 23 years-old voiced out her concern after a recent visit to the once jam packed playground that was once visited by all walks of life.

She said that 10 years-ago it was hard even to find parking space there and that everyone were enjoying the rides on offer. "It was surprising that some of the main rides are already missing and some have stopped operating", Sharifah said.

Haji Samdi Bin Abdullah 43-year-old also voiced similar concerns said that he brought his children once to the area and found that some of the rides are missing and some are not in operation.

Source: Borneo Bulletin Weekend

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