Monday, March 19, 2007

Sarawak - Enlivening Brooke legacy

Like Penang and Malacca, whose colonial legacy and influence are now being used to lure tourists, Sarawak too wants to showcase its historical treasures to the tourist but in its own way.

Sarawak’s early history is unique as it was ruled not by a foreign empire but by the Brooke family from 1841 to 1941.

When James Brooke arrived in 1839, Kuching then consisted of humble timber huts with nipah-thatched roofs nestled along the Sarawak River mostly along the present Main Bazaar.

During Brooke’s reign, many notable heritage buildings and landmarks emerged, among them the Bishop’s House, built in 1849, old State Mosque (1847), Government House (1857), and St Thomas Cathedral (1857).

The reign of the White Rajah effectively came to an end with the invasion of the Japanese forces on Christmas eve in 1941, yet it is arguably the Brooke legacy that provided Kuching its charm till today.

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