Monday, March 12, 2007

RM23m Aquatica to be another Kota Kinabalu tourist draw soon

Kota Kinabalu: People here can expect a unique experience as well as become more aware of the marine environment when a RM23 million Aquatica KK is completed within two months at Mile Two, Tuaran Road near here.

The marine centre's Technical Director, Prof. Steve Oakley, said over 500 species of marine animals would be placed in an aquarium at Aquatica KK coupled with an ocean science discovery centre.

The discovery centre is an important component of Aquatica KK since it envisages the whole idea of the marine centre's establishment, which is to promote conservation of marine life through education and awareness.

Educational modules such as puzzles, interactive displays and touch pools are among the set up at the centre in Tuaran Road that is being developed under phase one of Aquatica KK.

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Aquatica KK said...

Thanks for the mention in your Blog. Aquatica is progressing quickly. We have 75 finished discovery centre modules and 42 aquariums under construction. The largest tank in Phase 1 is 33ftx33 ft (10X10m) and 12 ft (3.5m) deep. Our boat crews and divers will be recuing sharks from the shark fin fishermen over the next few months to create great displays of Borneo aquatic life. You can check out more information at the website or blog

Regards steve oakley