Monday, March 17, 2008

Good Nyonya food in Kuching

Nyonya cuisine is hard to come by in Kuching. But somewhere in 4th Mile lies a shop that promises customers delicious nyonya food.

The name Nyonya Bites may or may not be familiar to many, but it has been around for the past one year. It started out as a simple snack shop of sorts, selling Nyonya kuihs and so on. Recently, its menu has undergone a little “revamping” and now it offers more than just things to bite.

The kitchen was recently taken over by a new team of chefs specialising in Nyonya cooking, while the other in Chinese cuisine, and their assistants. They are called under Xiang Lian Seafood and offer an a la carte menu of restaurant dishes like fish, crab, oysters, chicken, pork, prawn, lamb, venison, vegetable, noodle, rice and soup.

Though the eatery no longer carries Nyonya kuihs like Pai Tee since the change, they have, however, introduced several Nyonya specialties that has grown popular with its regular diners.

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