Friday, March 28, 2008

Waterfall in Ulu Sarikei a good tourist attraction

SIBU: Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) Sibu has identified another potential tourist attraction in Ulu Sarikei - a waterfall.

Tucked away in the secondary rainforest, Sungai Munsoh waterfall was about the best one could find in Sarawak, according to STB Sibu executive, Rudy Anoi.

Easily accessible through easy jungle trekking from Rumah Nyuka longhouse at Lubuk Lemba, the waterfall should be an ideal get-away destination especially for those who like to escape from the hustle and bustle of busy town life, he added.

Incidentally, Rudy had been very busy of late trying to locate new pristine spots in the interior of central region of Sarawak which could be promoted as new tourism products to boost the tourism industry.

The discovery of Sungai Munsoh waterfall was definitely very rewarding, according to Rudy. He and his team, comprising a travel agent and staff from STB, made the discovery during a recent trip to Lubuk Lemba in Ulu Sarikei upper-river interior region in search of potential tourist destinations.

The 10-member team was led by Rudy and Ling How Ming of Greatown Travel.

“As part of our tourism product identification programme, this new discovery having the good potential as a tourist destination has been very promising, considering the perfect location and surroundings,” he said.

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