Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good tourism growth potential in Sibuti

SIBUTI: In a visit to Kuala Bakam here on Friday, Aidan Wing, State Assemblyman for Lambir, said he noted good potential for tourism growth in areas such as Sibuti, Bekenu and Lambir, with strong emphasis on eco-tourism products.

He said the natural beauty of green environment, beautiful sandy beaches and rivers ideal for water sports should be exploited further to attract more tourists especially foreign ones to come. More activities should also be planned in these areas for the purpose, he added.

Meanwhile, he said he was happy with efforts so far to develop more tourism products to boost the local tourism industry.

“I’m confident the development of eco-tourism and agro-tourism products along Bakam district and its surrounding areas would continue to grow to boost the tourism industry,” he said during an interview held his visit to Kuala Bakam.

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