Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The royal male Sumatran rhino stud of Borneo

HEALTHY and well fed, Kertam, an adult male rhino caught in the jungles of Sabah, is the most eligible bachelor in captivity.

The only thing left now is for a partner to be caught and paired with Kertam to reproduce one of the most endangered species in the world.

Until then, the authorities are taking round-the-clock care of the animal in a small plot of jungle within the 120,000ha Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary in Lahad Datu.

The three-hectare area called the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary was set up by the State Wildlife Department in collaboration with the organisation, the Borneo Rhino Alliance.

Herman Stawin of the sanctuary said their task now was to ensure that Kertam remained healthy and once a partner was found, he would be released in a 4,500ha fenced area within Tabin.

"Kertam is like a royal stud just waiting for a partner and we are keeping our fingers crossed for that to happen, the sooner the better," he said of the 638kg Sumatran rhino.

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