Monday, September 28, 2009

A shoestring family holiday in Sabah

RANAU: Conducting a family holiday during these financially trying times in Sabah is a breeze when you know where to get the best deals for everything.

Recently, on a mere budget of RM500 and with family members comprising nine children, and five adults, we managed to stay at a comfortable mountain hostel situated close to the Mt. Kinabalu Park, enjoy the cool fresh air, had a barbeque and lavish family dinner, and still had more left for a trip to Poring Hot Springs for a quick dip in the hot pools, and lunch by the rainforest.

Sounds too good to be true? Not when you know where to search for the best deals.

In the past, most Sabahans would probably have no choice but to book at the Mt. Kinabalu National Park’s hostel facility due to the lack of other accommodation facilities at the area.

But with time passing, it is no longer feasible for a family on a shoestring budget to stay at the Mt. Kinabalu National Park’s hostel as each family member has to fork out a minimum RM100 per bunk bed per night. Lodges at the mountain charge between RM365 per night and RM3500 per night.

Those intending to climb the mountain would also have to fork out at least RM290 for one night stay at Panar Laban hut which excludes the other climbing fees incurred. Fortunately, there are other, cheaper places where one would be able to bunk comfortably at a price so much lower.

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