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Sabah: Best Places To...

Looking for great seafood? An adrenaline rush? Some peace and quiet? Whatever you are looking for, here are some of the best places in Sabah to cater to your needs!

... view wildlife

From elusive elephants to the darlings of Borneo, the Orang Utan, you will find them all here in Sabah. For starters, visit the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park for a glimpse of some of Borneo's amazing creatures, including the Sumatran Rhinoceros. For serious wildlife enthusiasts, a trip to the gateway of Borneo's wildlife is a must: Sandakan! From the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Sanctuary to the winding Kinabatangan River, Sandakan is a wildlife haven. Go on a river cruise to see leaping Proboscis Monkeys, crocodiles and reticulated pythons in their natural habitat.

... get away from it all

What's the point in going away if you can't 'get away'. In other words, everyone needs to escape the city madness now and then. In Sabah, take a road trip to Kinabalu Park, Malaysia's first World Heritage Site to get an up close view of Mount Kinabalu. Enjoy the nice change of temperature, surrounded by rolling hills and dipping valleys. How about camping in Kiulu? Pitch a tent by the refreshing Kiulu River and rough it out. Finally, there's no better escape than one that involves sun, sea and plenty of sand! Venture to the East Coast and bask in the serenity of your island paradise, be it Mataking, Pom Pom or Kapalai.

... get that adrenaline rush

Strap on that life vest and head to the rivers of Padas or Kiulu for some white-water rafting action! A great activity if you are travelling in groups - just be sure to pack an extra dose of adrenaline. At Kg. Kironggu, Inanam, you can also give rock climbing a try (contact Adventure Factors Mountaineering Centre, Dr. Basil Lung at 016 8189193 / 019 8508452 or Tham Yau Kong at 019 821 4388). The view from the top makes it worth the climb. Mountain biking is also a great way to travel around Sabah. Opt for the city route or go the extra mile (or two!) and venture into the scenic outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, namely the districts of Papar, Beaufort, Kudat or Kuala Penyu.

... experience Sabah's culture

Sabah is a melting pot of cultures, with more than 30 ethnic groups who speak more than 100 dialects. To experience the multifarious cultures and traditions of Sabah, visit any of the cultural villages around Kota Kinabalu, offering visitors an interactive experience. Monsopiad Cultural Village (, 088-774337) located in Penampang (approximately 15 minutes from the city centre) was the original location where the fearless headhunter, Monsopiad, once resided. Today, the Cultural Village built in his name is run by Monsopiad's descendants. Also worth a visit is the Mari-Mari Cultural Village in Inanam (, 088-260501), Linangkit Cultual Village in Tuaran (, 088-787382) and Sabah Museum's Heritage Village.

... wine and dine

No holiday would be complete without a gastronomic affair. In Kota Kinabalu, start in the famous Gaya Street where coffeeshops galore await you. The best time to visit coffee shops are in the mornings - locals take breakfast seriously here! From kon lau mein (homemade noodles in a special sauce) to nasi lemak, fill your stomachs with local delights. Not sure what to order? Your friendly coffeeshop staff will be more than happy to recommend their specialties. In the evenings, swing by the Waterfront, which offers a fantastic variety of international flavours - from fusion Italian to North Indian. Have a nightcap at any of the bars found here or enjoy a night of clubbing and karaoke. It's all here at the Waterfront! In Sandakan and Tawau, the seafood is a must-try. Served fresh from the sea at hard-to-beat prices, it's every seafood fans' paradise.

Source: Sabah Tourism Newsletter

NOTE: All Photos Copyright to Sabah Tourism

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