Sunday, February 07, 2010

Adding value to Kuching Wetlands National Park

THE already rich tourism potential of the Kuching Wetlands National Park has been given another boost by the State Forestry Department’s plan to introduce two more tourism-related activities to this biodiversity-rich ecosystem.

“We are looking at night safari and homestay programme that will further increase the value of the area,” disclosed Suliman Jamahari, RAMSAR project manager and park manager.

Currently, the park has only one tourism-related activity — an excursion down the two main rivers and into the various inlets.

Suliman did not say when the two projects (night safari and homestay) would be introduced but he did assure it would be soon.

He made these disclosures at a talk on the state level World Wetland Day that will be celebrated on February 20 this year at Salak Island.

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