Friday, February 19, 2010

Three-day ‘tamu’ to promote local crafts in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: A ‘tamu’ (open market) will be held to promote and enhance the quality of local handicrafts.

Sabah Cultural Board chairman Datuk Wences Anggang in disclosing this said most of the handicrafts in the market are not locally produced, thus depriving locals of the opportunity to showcase theirs.

“One of the problems is the low quality of local handicrafts. We need to find ways to improve them to compete with those in the market today,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Anggang said the first, ‘Sabah Handicrafts Tamu 2010’ is aimed at promoting the uniqueness of local handicrafts; create an avenue for local producers to sell their products and to encourage the public to use handicrafts in their daily lives.

The Sabah Cultural Board is arranging for the three-day event to be held at Sabah Cultural Centre in Penampang beginning March 12.

For entertainment, there will be coconut bowling, blowpipe, walking on bamboo stilts and arm wrestling, to mention but a few. Cash prizes await the first three winners in each contest.

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