Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The gulingtangan, a forgotten heritage

LIMBANG: The culture and tradition that have evolved and been handed down from the past generations need to be proserved for the younger generation. Such heritage should not be lost to the fast changing times.

A mention of the word ‘Gulingtangan’ is not likely to ring any bell to the present young generation. It is the traditional musical instrument widely used by the Bruneian Malay community and communities in some parts of northern Sarawak.

In fact some of the young people simply shook their heads when asked about the existence of such traditional musical instrument that are made from material sourced from the jungle. The wood is from the tree known locally as the “sedaman”.

The tree is readily available in the wild and the ripe fruits are reputed to be a popular food for a species of birds known as the “punai”.

The leaves of the tree are believed to have herbal medicinal value and the local community used them in post-natal treatment of women.

Mimah Lalim, 61, from Kampung Meritam revealed that by knocking the layers of the properly positioned “sedaman” wood, graceful and hypnotic musical sound could be produced that would be pleasant to listeners.

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hey do u knw any of the song of gulingtangan