Sunday, February 07, 2010

TIGERS ROCK! at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

KOTA KINABALU; The Year of the Tiger will be ushered in quite literally this year as Lok Kawi Wildlife Park celebrates the festive season by putting the spotlight on all things feline.

TIGERS ROCK! – A two day event will be held at the Park on 14 and 15 February 2010. Normal admission applies but visitors will be treated to a whole gamut of activities, exclusively for this festive period.

Cat lovers can expect to meet the Park’s Tiger siblings, Labi and Dona, who will display natural hunting behaviors in a special Tiger Feeding Presentation as well as learning about cats through an informative “Cats of Borneo” exhibition by the Sabah Wildlife Department.

In running with the cat theme, the Park is also delighted to welcome two new African Servals to its family. These beautiful pair of cats can be viewed by visitors at the brand new Serval Exhibit after its launch from 14 February onwards. And of course, what would Chinese New Year be without a lion dance performance?

And that’s not all. If you are more of a Jumbo-lover, then come meet our Elephants at our free… yes, free Elephant Rides for three hours each day at the Park. Visitors engaging in our Q&A sessions will receive very special opportunities to touch, stroke and get really close to our gentle giants during these Free Elephant Ride Sessions.

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