Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sabah Fest - Real life demo of cultures a hit

Kota Kinabalu: Tourists throng a mock Bajau Kubang wedding Friday afternoon as though they were magnetized by a powerful attraction at the Sabah Museum's Heritage Village as the Sabah Fest real life demo of Sabah's diverse ethnic cultures hots up.

They first waited patiently by the lakeside outside the Bajau House long before the wedding procession began and when it began, cameras clicked and flashed away as the eager crowd surged.

The most dramatic sight and certainly the most photographed part was seeing the groom being lifted and carried all the way to the bride's house, followed by resplendent maidens carrying gifts and accompanied by a cacophony of music.

"Yes, the groom is the hero of the day in a Bajau Kubang wedding and that's why he is carried at the head of the procession," noted Judeth John Baptiste, Assistant Senior Research Curator of Sabah Museum.

On the unique elements of Bajau Kubang wedding, Judeth said:

"The unique part is the special gong beating to welcome the groom as well as guests."

"But gong beating known as 'Titik da ilau' actually begins early in the morning well before the ceremony," she said.

"Both the bride and the groom would do a body cleansing rite in their respective homes, which depicts good-bye to an old era and a passage to a new chapter in life," Judeth said.

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