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Who are the Biperoh at Borneo Highlands in Sarawak?

THE Biperoh clan, which is one of the 20 clans of the Bidayuh community, resides in eight villages along Borneo Highlands Road in Penrissen, about 32km from Kuching.

According to unofficial estimates, there are more than 10,000 Biperoh in these villages.

Other clans include Salako, Lara, Jagoi, Singgai, Biperoh, Biatah, Pinyowah, Bengoh, Bianah, Bukar, Sadong, Krokong, Bilo’ih, Bunuk, Pinyowah, Braang and Tibiak.

According to legend, the Biperoh tribe comprises descendents of Segum Seberi, the son of M’buk Rubuh, who originated from Sungkong (S’kung) in Kalimantan, Indonesia, but lived in Rabak Mikabuh as a war fugitive and a refugee.

M’buk Rubuh later married a gentleman from Rabak Mikabuh and gave birth to six children — Segum Seberi (Biperoh), Ma Bari (Bengoh), Sabu Pagunja (Bunuk), Serum Domanan (went over to Bumbok in Bau), Jaya Janum (Pinyowah) and Seju Berung (Braang).

The name of M’buk Rubuh’s husband is now lost into oblivion, but of his ancestry, it is known that he was a direct descendant of Tinnabi (the first man of Rabak Mikabuh) and Trauh (a wanderer from across the sea who dwelled for a brief period at Rabak Mikabuh among the descendants of Tinabi after a great flood).

In his article published in a book in conjunction with the launch of the Biperoh Association, Kuching, Hamarah Mapus, a Biperoh from Kampung Semadang, wrote that according to some old Biperoh informants in the olden days, the Biperoh had to claim they originated from S’kung because of security reasons.

Those days were called the Bisoron or bloody days — the days of head-hunting and blood-spilling.

The Biperoh needed a stronger tribe from the Kalimantan side.

By claiming that they were from S’kung, the Biperoh were assured of protection by the Biskung (people from S’kung) and eney attacks.

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