Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Thirteen orang utan greet visitors at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

SEEING an orang utan swinging from tree to tree in a natural setting is a wondrous and rare sight.

This explains why members of the Kuching Division Journalist Association (KDJA) and their families were all saucer-eyed when 13 of the primates came out of the jungle at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to greet them. It was about 9am when the group of 50 people arrived at the centre on Labour Day – right in time for feeding time.

There were also many other visitors and tourists armed with cameras. They snapped furiously as the primates swung out of the jungle and searched for food on all fours.

It was amazing to see the animals using hand signals to seek food from the centre’s wardens, seemingly oblivious to the people looking at them excitedly.

On a feeding platform, the star orang utan, Ritchie, the 29-year-old huge dominant male, enjoyed its food by itself. From the trees above, several orang utan made their way down to have a share of the breakfast spread.

When the KDJA group returned to the central area near the main entrance, they saw the heart-warming sight of two orang utan carrying their babies.

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