Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Harmon Leon's Wild Man of Borneo

I spent a good bulk of the season in the jungles of Borneo on assignment for Penthouse magazine. No, I wasn't doing a pictorial on "The Hot Jungle Women of Borneo". Instead, I was partaking in a 10 day trek through the wilds of malaria country with Terra Incognita's ecotour in the northern Malaysian state of Sabah.

By no means was I planning on infiltrating the world of jungle ecotravel in uncharted territory; not with crocodiles, poisonous viper snakes, and wild elephants present. I needed to trust my experienced Terra Incognita guides because I didn't know if I would encounter the mythical headhunters of Borneo, a prehistoric bird the size of a house, or 37 species of moss. (The prospect of a wide-variety of moss was what freaked me out the most.)

I was thrilled at the prospect of a life changing experience with sensory overload deep in a jungle adventure that would make Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull look like a complete load of crappy fiction. (Can you really believe that was the long-awaited Steven Spielberg sequel they went with?)

No need for modern technology when I had the Discovery Channel right before my eyes. Chucking away my cell phone, with neither the Internet or a Mission burritos to be found, I wanted to see life through fresh eyes in one of the most remote regions in the world where trees full of monkeys are simply a common day occurrence.

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