Friday, August 27, 2010

World's smallest frog the size of a pea found in Sarawak

ONE of the world’s smallest frogs was discovered in Borneo, scientists said today.

The pea-sized amphibian was found living in the distinctive flask-shaped pitcher-plant near a mountain in Kubah National Park, said researchers from the University Malaysia Sarawak.

Dr Indraneil Das and colleague Alexander Haas tracked down the micro species from their distinctive dawn call of “harsh rasping notes that last for a few minutes with brief intervals of silence".

"We heard the calls of this frog, and we knew the calls of all frogs in the area, and this was different.

At first we couldn't see it, but eventually we found it, and I had to trap the frog in one of my baby son's clean white diapers in order to really see what it looked like, it was so tiny," Dr Das said.

The frog measures just three millimeters as a tadpole and grows to about nine to 11mm as an adult.

It belongs to the Microhylid family of frogs, all of which are under 15mm in length.

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